Friday, March 30, 2012

Prioritize!! It is IMPORTANT

Ever wondered why managers fail to cope up with their work load? There is only answer: The do not know how to prioritize their work. And in fact it is the drawback that many a manager suffer from despite their qualification, experience and efficiency

Prioritizing one's activities and goal posts is a constant process. A thing that was important yesterday, may not be so today, likewise an event or a goalpost important today may be far below in the list of priorities when the new day dawns. 

It is therefore incumbent upon ever manager to keep evaluating everyday's activities viz-a-viz the market trends, organization's aspirations and client demands to smartly and consistently get over with the most important than the lesser ones. If one carries out this drill continuously and regularly, one can have one's productivity level enhanced manifold.

However to correctly prioritize one's activities, one has to have:

  • A very clear perception

  • Up to date market reading and analysis

  • Detailed knowledge of market trends

  • Client requirements and mindset 

  • An update on Technological advancements and developments directly or indirectly affecting one's sphere of business

If one adopts the prioritization approach correctly to his everyday routine work in the office, or even otherwise in one's life, one can see things getting better and paying back handsomely - both in kind and appreciation, which are pre-requisites for efficiency and smart work.
    Remember, if you prioritize your work correctly, you get focused attention on the things that require priority handling, which saves time and give better results. But also remember EVERYTHING can not be Priority One. One has to have a clear mind and analytic approach to sift activities that require precedence over others. And the prioritized list must be in accordance with the company's policy one works for. One should not be at tangent to company's policy.

    It doesn't take long to prioritize things - so why not do it now? It is for your own benefit.

    Komeng Adul

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