Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MTC to provide Pump Parts for Hybrid and Electric Motor vehicles

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC), Department of Ceramics by Morgan Morgan Crucible Company, announced that it has signed an agreement with a leading international automotive mechatronic drive and pump solutions for the supply of ceramic components for hybrid vehicles and electric. The pumps are used for a new hybrid car is designed for a large car manufacturer, which is intended to be introduced in 2011. MTC is the sole supplier of precision-alumina, shafts and bearings.

MTC is the provision of ceramic components for three cooling water pumps to be used in each vehicle, including high-energy battery, the cab heating and power electronic loop that drives the vehicle. The pumps are designed for continuous operation, if the vehicle is running or charging, and ceramics provide excellent wear properties, with a much longer life than other solutions such as stainless steel. Pottery provides extremely tight tolerances and offers exceptional chemical and wear resistance necessary due to aggressive cooling glycol used. High quality alumina ceramic with excellent corrosion and thermal stability over a wide temperature range. Ceramic is also 2.5 times lighter than steel, which leads to other benefits of energy efficiency.
ceramic components are quieter in operation for long periods due to its resistance to wear, which should be particularly important for hybrid vehicles and electric motors are quiet and noise are less obvious. However, the use of steel rods, probably would have resulted in cracks and crevices, causing vibration and noise.

ceramic parts are made of MTC Stourport, UK edition, which produces precision ceramic components for leading European manufacturer of domestic circulating pumps. MTC selected the project because experience in precision components for specialized applications in ceramic pump. MTC is a key development partner in the consulting planning, material specifications, finish requirements and specifications of the shafts and bearings. Technical Support MTC has been essential to the design challenges associated pumps, shafts and bearings of small diameter.

MTC is also able to learn from its factory in high volume production and a thorough knowledge of applications of the pump to optimize the production of small ceramic parts required for the application of hybrid cooling pump.

The company has already reviewing applications for these other modular pumps of various types of vehicles, the smallest of cars by commercial vehicles.

Chris Paine, an application engineer with the DOT, said the company is pleased to extend its considerable capacity for manufacturing ceramic pump components to this new market. "Components of the pump ceramic becomes more complex, as features to facilitate automated assembly lines added to shafts and bearings." He added, "The pump contains ceramic components were MTC through a rigorous testing
and the testing process and are pleased to have exceeded the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), which for many car manufacturers and their component suppliers and service process. "

MTC is actively involved in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles used on public transport, including buses and trains. Discussions are underway with system manufacturers to optimize device performance using ceramic components. ceramic components are used in a variety of other carmakers important applications in hybrid and electric vehicles are being developed.

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