Ferrari 458 Italia takes Car trophy


FERRARI'S 458 Italia has taken another international prize, winning UK magazine Car's performance car of the year 2010.

"The 458 Italia is an extraordinary Ferrari," says Car editor Phil McNamara. "That one of the fastest, most thrilling and communicative supercars of all time is also one of the easiest to drive day in, day out is a remarkable achievement.
"Next year's new McLaren supercar will have to be extraordinarily talented to dislodge the Italia."

Car magazine's "Performance Car of the Year" test took place over more than 4000km in Europe earlier this year, with competitors from eight different brands. The 458's Car gong follows a chestful of COTY medals including those of Fifth Gear, BBC Top Gear Magazine and Auto Express.

The Ferrari 458 Italia was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009 and has since had journalists flailing for superlatives.
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