Thursday, April 19, 2012

Force India caught up in clashes

Four of Force India's mechanics were caught up in a violent clash between protesters and police on Wednesday night.

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The team members were leaving the track on Wednesday night in a hire car when they were forced to stop on the main highway to Manama. A Molotov cocktail was thrown and exploded close to the car, it has also been revealed that tear gas had entered the cars ventilation system from the clashes outside. All four members of the team were uninjured and returned safely to the hotel.

However this incident caused 1 of Force India's team members to feel unsafe in the Gulf State and saw the return to Britain of this team member. Force India said about the incident "One of our vehicles was momentarily caught up in some disruption on the way back from the circuit last night, a few minutes the traffic continued moving and the van returned to the hotel. Everyone in the van is okay."

It has now been revealed later in the day that another member of the Force India team has asked to leave the country.

Bahrain International Circuit chairman Zayed R Alzayani said "It was an isolated incident, and my wife was involved too," he said. "The protesters were not targeting the cars, they just happened to be there. Nobody was injured."

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