New style for 2013 Lexus RX

Toyota's luxury car company made a major change for the third crossover appearance with bold new design philosophy has ever undertaken on the GS.

The images of the 2013 RX appears on the internet and be deducted from the catalog of Lexus in Japan. This is version 2013, for changes in the product cycle.RX is now in third generation, born in 2009.

Lexus RX with fundamental changes in the loss.  Picture: Carscoop.
Lexus RX with fundamental changes in the loss. Picture: Carscoop.
The nose of the RX looks completely lost balance, sexier, and is somewhat feminine. Instead, a wide grille opening all sizes and two prominent X-shaped rim.Two niches hidden fog lights go down. Take this style from Lexus concept LF-Gh Concept and GS sedan in 2013 was the first affected by this new philosophy.
Headlamps equipped with LED strip, a very popular trend on the German lines.However, the tail is almost unchanged. Furniture is not much change compared to the present.
The engine remains the same. RX350 equipped with 3.5 liter V6 engine with capacity of 280 horsepower at 6200 rpm revolutions / minute, maximum torque 348 Nm at 4700 r / min. The hybrid RX450h petrol engine 3.5 V6, accompanied by electric motors, total power 249 kW, 317 Nm of torque. Both use a 6-speed automatic Super ECT.
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