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2012 Indian Chief Vintage first in

Form Indian Cheif vintage road cars with bucket seat and later crafted from cowhide, 1720 cylinder engine is shiny chrome.

Based on the 1948 version of Chief, 2012 Indian Cheif vintage is revived after a long period of difficulties with its financial problems. Generation of large cylinder Indian motorcycle engine new PowerPlus 1720 cubic centimeters.
Vintage 2012 Indian Cheif
Vintage 2012 Indian Cheif been imported to Vietnam under the orders of a customer Hanoi.
Vintage Indian Cheif caused Note small (fenders) in front of large size, covered inside the rim spokes (spokes rim) the same pair of chromed large diameter disc brakes. Shell (tire) coated with a white paint off the beauty luxury. At the rear, the same pair of saddle crates made of cow leather, completely handmade. Vintage versions are still made beautiful by the handle and hand position to win, but also covered a layer of cowhide.
More details on the shiny chrome car, outside the engine cylinder 1720 as headlight, front shock absorbers, exhaust two clusters in a ... Cluster watches and Vintage panel located above the center fuel tank to help the driver easy viewing.
Cheif Vintage Indian PowerPlus engine capacity of 1720 cubic centimeters, electronic fuel injection system with removable 6-speed gearbox. Vintage has a 20 liter fuel tank. Sized 130/90R16 front, 150/80R16 rear tire size. The cars are arranged in the two positions 12V power socket in the car and the bottom side of the saddle.

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