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Volkswagen New Beetle convertible is coming soon

German carmakers announced a few days ago, that they will launch two new models at the Los Angeles auto show held in November, including a convertible version of the 'bugs' new generation.
According to Kicking Tires , the two new models are the production version debuts and are global, meaning they have never previously appeared.
Los Angeles (USA) is the appropriate place to launch a machine like the sun cult 2012 Beetle convertible. The exhibition will be held on 18/11.
Volkswagen New Beetle convertible is coming soon
Convertible version of the upcoming Volkswagen Beetle.
2012 Beetle inspired by the Beelte Ragster Concept, introduced at the Detroit show in 2005. "Cow" new length 4278 mm, width 1,808 mm and 1,486 mm high. Interior space is also increased significantly, reaching 310 liters. Born 2005 only 209 liters.
Also changed the interior and a host of new features. This version uses wheels (rims) cars with three levels: Beetle, Design and Sport. A variety of optional equipment will be provided by the manufacturer as the car does not need to use keys (keyless), satellite navigation (GPS), xenon headlamps, LED daytime.
None of the existing models that have vitality as "bugs" of Volkswagen when attached to the dictator Hitler, the Second World War and beauty never outdated.
As of 2003, the Beetle has not been redesigned and the original model ship carrying the last sequence number 21529464. If the production rate on the number of car design, not pattern in the history of the auto industry can overcome the world.
In addition to "bug" roadster, the first two new models that Volkswagen brought to Los Angeles this year harder to guess. It could be a new crossover for the U.S. market.

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