A copy of Yamaha R125 in China

RC-125 motor Gentara form of a Chinese car company is said to be copied 100% of the sample R125 Yamaha Japanese automakers. Gentara RC-125 has the power to 14.7 hp.

Gentara RC-125
Gentara RC-125 compact form of Chinese motorcycle for a copy of Yamaha R125.
RC-125 Gentara Chinese carmakers like a Yamaha R125 from the appearance, size, wheelbase and almost identical with the name Yamaha R125 by in the plastic wall above the cyclone machine, Gentara RC125 also manufacturers GM-R 125YZF name stuck.
According Motoblog , RC-125 Gentara length 2015 mm, width 660 mm and 970 mm high. Wheelbase (distance between axles front and rear) 1355 mm similar to the size of Yamaha R125.
RC-125 Gentara use single-cylinder engine 124 cubic centimeters, cooled with maximum capacity of 14.7 horsepower at 9000 rpm machine cycles / minute, maximum torque of 13Nm at RPM Machine 7000 cycle / min. RC125 seat height from ground 818mm, disc brakes on both front and rear wheels.
A copy of Yamaha R125 weighs 126 kg, fuel tank capacity 14 liters with CDI ignition system. Gentara RC-125 has a maximum speed of 90 km / h.
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