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how easy air filter maintenance

Like humans, the engine innards must be always healthy and clean. That's why the air filter is so important. When air quality filter device to the fuel does not function properly, the incoming air with the fuel into the engine room is sometimes mixed with dust and disrupt the performance of the machine. The simplest result in the engine 'coughed'.
For that, we should always be careful in selecting an air filter on the market. Indeed, maintenance is relatively easy, just remove the filter from the nest, then spray compressor. Only, if not treated properly, may not be very long lived.

Various brands of air filter is very abundant in the market today. Of which are made of cardboard and become standard parts of the vehicle. Listening to various types of air filters on the market, surely take care of different ways. Because of this, look trick to keep the filter clean and well maintained.
To filter made of cardboard, at best, only the remaining life of about 2500 km to 5000 km. The rest, should be replaced immediately. Because of the weakness of this filter, at a certain lifetime, the surface of the cardboard into 'hairy'. If this is allowed, soft flakes mixed with the dust that can come into the 'kitchen spur' aka the combustion chamber. The side-effect, the cylinder surface will be scratched.
Caring for cardboard filters, relatively easy. Lift the filter from the nest, then clean with an air compressor. If necessary, tap on the edge of the filter using a screwdriver handle to fall off all the dirt.

Unlike the filters are made of sponge. Generally able to hold up to 15,000 miles or one year life. As light as this one, take care of him too easily. Dip a sponge filter into the water, then wash using detergent. Once completely clean, dry with aerated or dried in the sun but do not let the sun hit it directly. After drying, the filter ready to be installed again.
To filter made from cotton fibers, a different story. This one, rada treatment is expensive, due to be cleaned using a special liquid. For K & N for example, there is a solution of cleaning itself. Cleaning which consists of a special soap and oil is, its use is rather special.
Once the filter is removed from his home, then the air filter devices diketok until all the dust and dirt falling all. However, when the 'knock' the air filter, try using a soft ground, such as tires for example.
The next stage is to flush the filter with running water and then sprayed with a special liquid soap. After settling for approximately 5 minutes, the filter is then flushed again with water. The process is repeated until the remaining washing water looks clearer.
Before the process of basting with oil is done, the filter must be dried. There are two recommended ways, ie, the first with a hair dryer or a compressor, but with the wind pressure as low as possible. End of the treatment process air filter covered with a special basting oil. (MBL / bun)
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