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The Daddy of latest Supercars?

If you are British, Aston Martin is about the only sports car manufacturer that has not been engulfed by an international conglomerate - even if it was some years ago. You could say that McLaren are viable for the title, but only have the incredible MP4-12C in its model line, so for now, the Aston wearing the crown.

This is not all rosy in the garden, though. Aston Martin has a problem, and oddly enough, it has to do with its design principles. All major manufacturers have a "design-face", meaning that all the cars in their portfolio look different, but just the same. It helps consumers identify the mark on the road and therefore in theory, increase sales. Aston does this, but all ridiculous new level. One can not deny the DB9 is one of the finest design supercar ever made. When he was released in 2003, startled the world and millions of hormonal teenagers quickly forgotten Cheryl Cole and began to consider a new type of tickle DB9 -. It marked the first car good "new" and "modern" Aston, and absolutely no objection.

Then came the V8 Vantage ago, it looked as aggressive as the wart hog, as fast as Linford Christie is a pair of slippers and luxury such as Buckingham Palace - but more important, it was virtually the same as the DB9. We let them all out, even if, like the V8 Vantage was considerably cheaper than its big brother, the GT, which meant the Aston way of life can be purchased and 911 money.
So at this point, everything goes perfectly. We all have a blast; Aston make big profits, the cars look good and the satisfaction of all. And then came the DBS. Do not Get It Twisted, DBS is probably one of the most sorted engines available, but the fact is that it looks like a DB9, which has been hanging out with junkies too many steroids. It is beautiful, but it costs £ 170 000 and what you get? A few more horses and some hood vents. Fan-bloody-tastic.

Aston needs a big car, something that would blow the socks off nearly every superlative supercar on the planet. Something that makes the 510bhp DBS as a Rover Metro station. The answer was the One-77.

First, and most importantly, looked different. Of course, the face is still there, but it seems that Aston bother to modify the original design of their previous efforts. The One-77 is as brutal as the left hook by Tyson, delicate like a burnt sausage and suspensory men Brock Lesnar. Much better!

But the question remains: is the One-77 supercar, the new father? Well, here are the technical information that will help us reach that decision. One-77 is named as such because only 77 examples will never be done. It is therefore much less than the Ferrari Enzo, Bugatti Veyron and McLaren F1. It will cost the lucky buyer will stunt £ 1.3 million and a 7.3 liter V12 naturally aspirated with a monstrous 750bhp.

It was one of the most mysterious cars ever made. We heard little performance, price and technical details than just a few months ago, but since they were released, we were immediately aroused. The wait was worth it.

So how do handle it? Well, nobody knows. The One-77 has not been tested by a major magazine or television and only a few people had the opportunity to take a walk. Be speculative, however, it seems that he drives as well as any supercar before. With a curb weight of 1,500 kg and a power of more than 700bhp, the One-77 could become a new icon in the world of speed and super.

It will not be the super new dad, but thanks to the Bugatti Veyron. No cars today can match the speed of 1100bhp Veyron Super Sport, 260 + miles per hour and £ 2,000,000 over price. The Veyron is the undisputed king of the road, but as the One-77 may not achieve its objective, is always the most notable effort to date Aston.

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